Thursday, August 23, 2012

From the Bookshelf

Steve Jobs in his Autobiography  -

'What drove me?' I think most creative people want to express appreciation for being able to take advantage of work that's been done by others before us.

I didn't invent the language or mathematics I use. I make little of my own food, none of my own clothes. Everything I do depends on other members of our species and the shoulders that we stand on. And a lot of us want to contribute something back to our species and add something to the flow. It's about trying to express something in the only way that most of us know how ---- because we can't write Bob Dylan songs or Tom Stoppard plays. We try to use the talents we do have to express our deep feelings, to show oour appreciation of all the contributions that camme before us, and to add something to that flow. That's what has driven me.

I read this today as I finished reading Steve Jobs biography and It was weird reading something that I have been telling myself to move on every time I come to a standstill facing the chaos of life, as somebody else's words.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


चाँद की खूंटी पे टंगी रात 
रात की खूंटी पे टंगी नींद 
नींद की खूंटी पे टंगे सपनें 

सपनों की खूंटी पे टंगी आस 
आस की खूंटी पे टंगी साँस 
जीवन का सारांश ।

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are magical, the bright sunny lazy one's especially. I woke up to one today, hence you have to suffer the pleasure of reading this post.

Unlike Sunday evenings that threaten to suck away all the happiness out of me, Sunday mornings give me the feeling of cuddling a soft toy or receiving a big tight hug. I simply love the smell of them.

The smell takes me far far away to a grassy meadow by a lake in the mountains filled with the sweet smell of grass and flowers, the song of the birds and wings, and the fresh air of the open.

I think there's something special in the air that makes them delightful. Something fresh, peaceful, comforting and blissful. Something that makes you feel warm inside.

It's wonderful to wake up on a quiet Sunday morning, stretch myself, walk out, close my eyes and take a deep breath and relax while the feeling of warmth and bliss seeps within my being, suspending me in the moment now, washing away everything else into oblivion, relaxing my mind and making my heart joyous.

It's the feeling I wish I could cork in a bottle and keep forever with me as a talisman against all the dark and dreadful feelings that might come my way.

Wish u a Happy and wonderful day ahead. 

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Believe...

I Believe....

Life Will make us face our worst fears, no matter what,
we learn, that the our sense of security is probably the only illusion to be feared.
That life is nothing but a ride out there in the wild.

And that only those who dare to break out of the bubble of that illusion will experience what it means to be alive, Everyone else is just whiling away their precious lifetime secured in the cage.

 like the mother bird pushes the baby bird out of it's nest into the open sky to fly away to greater heights, so does life, 'cuz it wishes us to go farther, rise higher, fly free, explore the world and experience the best that is out there.

So, the time when u stand facing the worst u had ever thought could happen, don't give up, don't fall down go and grab it by the arm, it'll be opportunity knocking on your door. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


where lie thy roots?
they asked the traveler.
'neath the soil of love,
in the garden of his heart, she replied.

Why then you wander?
they asked the traveler.
In search of the garden,
where I shall bury my roots.

till when would u wander?
they asked the traveler.
till mine heart shall find his
till our souls shall entwine
our lives becoming one
and as one we shall roam again.